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Now I know this is supposed to be a gaming site but so rarely do I get to ‘go to the pictures’ due to an infestation of children at home that I feel I must mention anything I do get to see on these hallowed pages…

All effort was made last Tuesday eve to get to the capital so I could see ‘Troll Hunter’.  Having read a very favourable review in Fortean Times, I felt it was my sort of flick.  In many respects it copies Blair Witch in that the film is made up of footage filmed by students who have mysteriously disappeared…

Ok, here’s the premise. The film team find themselves tailing a brilliantly played grizzled loner who later admits to being a troll hunter. After much badgering, he eventually allows them to follow him on his nocturnal trips into the Norwegian wilderness (which looks absolutely fantastic and acts as an extra character in the film).

As they spend nights in the woods / mountains they start to come across trolls of all shapes and sizes.  Everything you see is being filmed by the cameraman (hence a little fuzzy and wobbly) but the trolls themselves are marvellous and the scenes where the humans find themselves in danger are brilliantly set up and full of tension.

Don’t want to give too much more away and spoil it but well worth a visit.  Before you ask, YES it is subtitled, but so what?  If you won’t watch a film because of this then you are shutting yourself off from a massive slice of quality cinema and you should be ashamed…ahem…where we were we?

Ah yes, acting great, story a little derived but zips along nicely, there’s humour, sadness and I liked the way the film portrayed the trolls with empathy.  They’re not just there to play the monster but are shown to be living creatures with their own needs.

Right, that’s enough. Get yourself off to see it.