Bloodborne PART 1 -A difficult journey begins…

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Bloodborne

## WARNING – Mild spoilers ahead ##

Ok, so I’m going to play Bloodborne.  A game by From Software, following in the footsteps of the ultra-hard, unforgiving Souls series (of which I have collectively played about 10 min (dying at least 50 times)).

Bearing in mind that, despite my love of all things video games, I’m pretty crap at playing them this is likely to end badly with lots of shouting, recriminations and regretful sobbing whilst rocking in the corner.

Nevertheless this evening sleeves were rolled up (and real ales lined up) and I began.  For the first hour it was very much ‘so far, so am I getting anywhere?’. I’d managed to deal with some of the more basic grunts with only the odd death or two but was hitting a bloody brick wall with the mob of unruly types warming themselves by the sacrificial fire (never mind what was groaning and thundering against the wooden gate just beyond…).

It was very much ‘die extremely bloodily, wash (on a hot cycle), rinse, repeat’.  So what could I do differently (apart from flinging more pebbles about)?  Casting a guilty glance at early walkthroughs online, it seemed that the expectation was to plough on through to the first boss fight but, with my limited abilities, I wasn’t going to get there without some buffs.

Returning to Hunter’s Dream and engaging with the rather cute Bath Messenger I found that, with some limited blood echo gathering, I could suit up with some moderately improved armour. Anything to stop me getting pulverised quite so quickly was definitely a good thing so I endeavoured to grind echoes for the next 45 min (repeating the first 15-20 enemies) until I could get suitably suited and booted.

Although this felt a fairly cheap way of playing the game early on I did end up slightly more protected and, more importantly, started to read the early game enemies and their fighting styles.  I even started to look like I almost knew what I was doing.

Two hours in and I had my first feeling of progress. The fire-worshipping mob had been felled (even those annoying fellas with the guns) and I’d only suffered the odd stupid death.  With chest fully pumped, off I went to find out what was making the wooden gate shudder.

Faced with a hefty Brick Brute I initially found success with a well placed molotov halving its health before some clumsily timed dodges found me very much dead again. And back at Central Yharnam again. With all the enemies respawned again.

I would like to say I took all of this in good grace and immediately set to work again but this would be a lie.  In truth, I moaned and pleaded like my 7 year old when I tell him that his ‘screen’ time is up.  I must also admit that the word ‘unfair’ entered the tirade (and probably not for the last time either).

What should have happened shortly afterwards was a rage quit with the middle aged pouting gamer putting on something else (with an ‘easy’ option) to make him feel better BUT instead I went again.  All the way through to the Brick Brute (Seeing him off with an oil urn / molotov combo) and beyond.  I even made it up to the Nether Beasts before, once again, I met my bloody fate. And back at Central Yharnam again. With all the enemies respawned again.

Deep breath. Time to put the game to bed for the night.  But not before I harvest some more echoes so I could replenish my resources and fix my cleaver.

All set up for next time then.  With hopefully more of a tactic to deal with those pesky Nether Beasts.

My first real night playing Bloodborne has been an interesting one and has already raised several points of note:

1.  I am still pretty crap at video games.

2. I am more resilient than I gave myself credit for.

3. I think I like the game.

4.Please God, let me at least get past the first part / boss of the game.

To be continued….

P.S. I take full responsibility for any blatantly stupid playing styles described above, including missing anything screamingly obvious to other players of this game.

P.P.S. Any hints or tips will be very warmly received!


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