Finding my inner dark side with the Darkness II

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

As part of my efforts to support’s Pile of Win challenge (for charity), I’ve gone for Darkness II on PS3 (which also takes one title off my Pile of Shame before the Year of Shame officially begins end of the month).

Recently completed the first title after a year gap between playing the first and second halves and was looking forward to seeing how Digital Extremes brought the cel shaded comic style into the sequel.

So far, so good! Lots of bright vibrant colours, real contrast between light and shadow with only occasional tearing.  The opportunity to attack in one of four ways (and variations within two of those four with your demon arms) is great fun although a little confusing at times.  Very satisfying when it all works though and parts of your enemies fly in different directions.

What is most pleasing is the care and attention given to the Darkness lore and back story.  This isn’t a thrown together game using some comic characters but a continuation of tale spun in the first title.  The yearning for Jenny still shines through, lending a strong reason for Jackie re-embracing the Darkness to get the job done and the ‘Shining-like’ flashbacks to time spent with her provide welcome moments of quiet whilst being bittersweet.

Will carry on with this title during the Pile of Win week ahead, hopefully get near the end as campaign is pretty short apparently.  Mind you, wouldn’t mind a cheeky go on the Vendettas mode too..


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