Wherever I lay my Two Handled Battleaxe, that’s my home…

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Preview

Dipped on Hearthfire last night (400 MSP), the latest bit of DLC coming to 360 (and who knows, PS3 if Bethesda sort their Sony related DLC issues out anytime soon).  If anything can further hinder my attempts at saving the world, an add-on enabling me to build a house, adopt children and create the perfect high fantasy based idyll of perfect life is definitely in the top 3.

As part of my Year of Shame challenge  (in true ‘arse about face’ fashion’, will explain in a later post) I’ll be spending a lot of time in Skyrim this December and part of that will be spent creating my new home.  Will post images up as I go, perhaps pimp it big time and then try to flog it on Tamriel’s number 1 TV show ‘ Homes under the WarHammer’)…Doo, Doo, Do0-Do-Do-Do…I don’t really watch it…it’s the wife…honest.


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