Gears of War 3 – a drunken view

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sat on a bus in Newport at midnight on my own… A rare night out its TRUE but its meant a night with no gaming…Sat here slightly drunk I’ve got to thinking about GoW3 and the campaign I’ve ALMOST completed…
Not that I roll on a level that can be described as ‘challenging’, I must say that this Gears has been the easiest of the 3. It has meant that I could apportion more of my ageing mind to the storyline.
Not wanting to give away spoilers, I’ve had a Brill time nailing Lambents and Grubs but still feel Marcus could have been more heartfelt in the intimate moments, particularly involving his dad. Perhaps a montage or ‘Just the two of us’ duet would have helped but no, it’s just a case of ‘Hi Dad’ how you’ve been? Excuse me while I kill more bad guys’.

Now that the campaign is almost over I near the big decision – multiplayer or trade? I’d like to try multiplayer but tired of being a pin cushion for bullets. At least Skyrim is only a month away…


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