Alice: Madness Returns – First impressions…

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Review

One of the games top of my ‘must get round to playing that one day but don’t really want to pay for it to lie on my pile of shame’ list.

Thanks to Boomerang Rentals (top service guys) I’ve had the chance to get a go sooner than I thought.

The thing that hits you straight away is the style of the game.  It’s definitely one of those titles that, on sight, you would argue could never be from the Brown-loving Unreal Engine but it is.  Quirky Victorian London soon gives way to the technicolour Wonderland but, in all cases, a real sense of unease awaits the player as things have definitely grown up from the original source material.

A couple of hours in and wanting to further explore the beautiful surroundings is still drawing me back but the faults outlined in many a professional review are definitely there.  Your path is decidedly linear and combat is already feeling like a bash button marathon.  Having said that, some interesting additions to Alice’s possible actions are coming into play.

So far, so okay – must confess to enjoying it even if it’s not tearing me away from the current batch of AAA titles out there.

Buy, Rent, Miss?  – At the moment, a definite rent.


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