Welcome to my gamer pad, sorry about the smell…

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is a blog.  Or, to be more accurate, a ramble or a rant of a 37 old year old gamer.

I’ve been there since the 16k powerhouses right up to the current console generation and I hope to be around a bit longer to enjoy the future developments (although I draw the line at having a gaming unit implanted into my brain….although now I think of it….)

Hope you enjoy your stay here, however brief, and please say hello.  You’ll find an increasing number of stories, biased reviews, unsubtantiated opinions and the odd bit of useful info on the blog.

Hokay, let’s roll up the sleeves and begin with a little piece I’ve written primarily for Midlifegamer.net ….Ladies and gentlemen….I give you…. Catherine!


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